Weather Testing

Weather testing provides crucial data used to determine product development and long-term performance.

Weather testing is a critical component in formulating thermoplastic colors by providing insight into long-term light exposure and other environmental factors.

We perform in-house QUV and Xenon accelerated tests following ASTM standards, and our third-party alliances supply real world outdoor weathering data.

  • Xenon test chamber reproduces entire spectrum of sunlight (ultraviolet light, visible light, infrared)
  • QUV test chamber replicates damaging effects of sunlight that occur from exposure to short-wave UV

The Primary Causes of Weathering Damage

Superior performance and long-term durability are very important aspects to consider in product marketability. Weathering damage to thermoplastic products is primarily caused by:

  • High temperature
  • UV Exposure
  • Moisture/humidity

Deterioration can occur from any one of these factors, which work together to cause further harm to outdoor durable products. We combine high-grade raw materials with proven data and expertise to produce color retention concentrates that will stand the test of time.

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