Custom Color Solutions for Thermoplastics

Lanier Color Company is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of custom colors, masterbatches, and compounds for the plastics industry.

Markets & Applications

We’re known as a leading color supplier for the plastics industry with optimal weathering color solutions utilized in a variety of applications throughout commercial/residential construction, film and sheet, and consumer product markets.


Our robust color concentrates are created to withstand harsh outdoor environments in building and construction applications including siding, window, decking, roofing, trim, doors and more.

Film & Sheet

Our development and production capabilities allow us to deliver highly loaded color solutions for thin and heavy gauge film in opaque, translucent, and transparent applications.

Consumer Products

We develop and supply high-performance compounds and masterbatches for a wide range of consumer goods including appliances, electronics, housewares, and product packaging.

About Lanier Color

Lanier Color Company specializes in the design and manufacturing of solutions for the thermoplastics industry.

Lanier Color Company is a privately held company located in Gainesville, GA. Established in 1996, our founders were committed to building a company that emphasized strong working relationships while providing superior color solutions to the plastics industry in a timely fashion.  That pledge remains the core philosophy of Lanier Color Company and is the foundation of our continued growth and expanding market presence.

We take pride in the partnerships we have formed and delivering the highest level of service and response; a combination that has made us an industry leader in the world of color solutions. By operating with transparency, authenticity, respect, and reliability, Lanier Color has created an environment of collaboration and engagement with our customers ultimately leading to everyone’s success.

SpectraCool™ Low Heat Build Technology

Lanier Color has established ourselves as the gold standard in low heat build technology by delivering proven solutions for over two decades.

Lowering a part’s overall heat build-up during exposure to daylight is crucial to the longevity and life cycle of the part. During the past decade we have improved and expanded our low heat build product offering for various markets, polymers, and end applications. The implementation of our SpectraCool™ technology gives you the ability to reduce your overall heat gain in dark colors making your end product more durable, more marketable, more cost-effective, and more comfortable.

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Our Products

We manufacture a variety of solutions for all thermoplastic polymers and processes

Low Heat Build Up

SpectraCool™ Low Heat Build Technology

As pioneers of low heat build technology we help manufacturers expand product lines with dark colors that eliminate distortion and are cool to the touch.

Color Concentrates

Color Concentrates

Our highly loaded pellets are engineered for optimal performance and dispersion at efficient usage rates which can be tailored for processes that include blending, molding, and capstock & substrate extrusion.

Dry-Blends and DryFlo

Dry-Blends and DryFlo

Custom pigment blends designed for minimal dusting and outstanding flow allow for easy handling/cleaning and incorporation into your manufacturing process.

Precolored Compounds

Precolored Solutions

Ensure accurate color loading, eliminate feeder error, and cut costs by combining our unique pigment technology with your thermoplastic polymer or compound for a product that’s ready to process on delivery.

Functional Additive Masterbatches

Functional Additive Masterbatches

Solve processing issues and replace high-cost ingredients with our additive masterbatch compounds or concentrates that increase product lifespan and stability, reduce die build-up, and improve surface appearance.

Tolling Solutions

Tolling Solutions

Expand your product portfolio and reach new revenue sources by partnering your operations with Lanier Color for seamless integration, scrap reduction, rapid turnaround, analytical & technical support, and more.

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