Building & Construction

Bold, resilient, and long-lasting colors for the harshest of outdoor environments.

We are recognized throughout the plastics industry as a premier color supplier for commercial/residential construction applications.

Dark, pastel, and light colors are put through extensive testing in our ISO certified lab for superior design and performance.

Lanier Color has emerged as a leading supplier of color to the building products markets including:

  • Window and Door
  • Siding
  • Decking
  • Fence and Rail
  • Shakes and Accents
  • Roofing
  • Flooring and Base Molding
  • Trim (ex: garage door trim)

Lanier Color has distinguished itself across the globe by providing:

  • Low heat build-up and cool pigment technology
  • Superior weathering performance
  • Reduction in surface temperature
  • Lot to lot consistency within the tightest of color tolerances
  • Quick color match and production order turnaround
  • Hands-on technical support
  • Optimal weathering
  • Dependable sales and customer service response

Our SpectraCool™ low heat build technology allows building product manufacturers to offer darker colors in their product portfolios without the need to laminate or paint. Lanier Color’s low heat build technology reduces the overall heat gain in a particular part making it:

  • Less likely to distort
  • Marketable to hot and higher altitude climates
  • More cost-effective by reducing or eliminating heat distortion modifiers
  • Cool to the touch

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