SpectraCool™ Low Heat Build Technology

Low heat build solutions reduce a parts heat gain, allowing for dark colors and eliminating distortion.

Now you can market darker colored products to hot, humid, and high-altitude environments with our SpectraCool™ low heat build technology.

Low heat build solutions are in high demand across numerous markets. Their amazing properties allow them to:

  • Diminish surface temperature & remain cool to touch
  • Minimize/eliminate distortion
  • Reduce or cut costly additives (ex: heat distortion modifiers)
  • Retain long-lasting, vibrant color
  • Weather extremely well

Decrease the typical heat gain of plastic components exposed to the sun’s energy with Lanier Color’s low heat build technology. These high performing darker color solutions can be delivered in multiple forms including precolored compound and pellet.

Low Heat Build Solutions Serve Multiple Industries

Within our ISO 9001:2015 certified facility, skilled technicians custom mix premium raw materials to fit each client’s processes and specifications. Some applications for our low heat build solutions include:

  • Window and Door
  • Siding
  • Profile
  • Deck
  • Fence and Rail
  • Sheet (heavy and thin gauge)
  • Automotive

Our SpectraCool™ low heat build technology applies to many thermoplastics, polymers, and applications. Our state-of-the-art lab allows us to get real world predictions on how our technology will impact your part.

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