Analytical and Physical Testing

In-depth testing & development ensure our color concentrates deliver the optimal performance in your application.

Vigorous analytical and physical testing of custom color formulas is performed in-house with our state-of-the-art lab equipment.

Following ASTM standards, we provide real world predictions of our technology’s long-term impact on customer products through key values such as:

Melt Flow Index

  • Finding and maintaining proper melt flow plays a vital role in product performance.
  • We verify melt flow to your specification in product design and all production lots.

Notched IZOD Test

  • Impact strength is an important aspect of your compound.
  • This test confirms a compound is designed to your specifications and maintains impact in all subsequent production lots.

Weathering Tests

  • Two accelerated weathering chambers, QUV and Xenon Arc, simulate a part’s lifetime exposure to harsh outdoor weathering conditions.
  • This data confirms the best pigments for exposed parts to maintain great long-term color hold.

Heat Build Up Testing

  • We can determine how much heat a specific color will gain from sunlight exposure.
  • This data aids in selecting pigments that minimize heat gain, reducing the chance for failures (ex: distortion).

Our lab also contains a full range of spectrophotometers that support accurate color curve identification for precise color matches.

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