Pre-Colored Compounds

Easy to handle pigmented compounds that ensure accurate pigment loading and minimize operator error by eliminating the need for feeders.

Pre-colored compounds combine our unique pigment technology with your specific thermoplastic polymer or compound, creating a product that is ready for processing upon delivery.

Our expert engineers tailor the ideal pigment formula for your compound and end application.

Reduce your manufacturing costs and turnaround time with:

  • Color consistency
  • No color feeder error
  • Pigment & compound blend for use at 100%
  • Ease of handling
  • Minimized operator error
  • Diminished chance of contamination

Pre-colored compounds ensure excellent dispersion and accurate pigment loads:

  • Color is pre-dispersed in the specific compound for optimal diffusion.
  • Pigment loads are controlled to ensure opacity, translucency, etc.
  • Pre-colors can be packed in specific packaging for ease of handling.

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