Modus Operandi (Practices)

Our goal is to formulate color solutions for optimal dispersion at low usage rates to reduce operational costs.

Reduce scrap and manufacturing cost with custom color solutions formulated to suit your requirements.

Our design team matches the correct pigments, polymers, and additives to guarantee optimal dispersion in the proper form.

Lanier Color’s expert technicians not only design around color and application but also for perfect alignment with your process and end application.

Profile Extrusion (Mono Extrusion & Capstock Extrusion)

  • Multiple pellet sizes accommodate specific feeders and measuring devices
  • Formulas created for optimal dispersion

Sheet Extrusion

  • Products service single layer and multi-layer sheet
  • Precise formulations to minimize draw down in secondary processes like thermoforming

Foam Extrusion

  • Products that deliver vibrant colors and processing solutions to a wide range of foam applications

Injection Molding & Blow Molding

  • Eliminate splay, die lines, and flow lines
  • Tailored formulas to meet gloss requirements and other criteria

Calendaring & Compounding

  • DryFlo and Dry-Blends for optimum diffusion in low shear or high shear processes
  • Customized usage rates for accurate metering

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