Dry-Blends & DryFlo

Little to no-dusting pigment blends customized for dispersion in low shear processes like industrial blenders.

Lanier Color pigment blends are designed for minimal dusting and outstanding flow allowing ease of handling and incorporation into your process.

Our pigment blends are highly loaded products that minimize usage rates leading to a cost-effective solution. As with our color concentrates, these products are custom designed and formulated for:

  • Specific color, process, and end application criteria
  • Great dispersion in low shear processes (ex: blending)
  • Minimal dusting for easy cleaning and handling
  • Reduced potential for thermal degradation

Superior Dry Pigment Blends for Uniform Dispersion

All Dry Blend and DryFlo products meet specific particle criteria so that the product breaks down easily and incorporates into one homogenous blend. This ensures color consistency during processing of the parts.

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