Welcome To Lanier Color Company

Embark on your relationship building journey with Lanier Color by seeing how the process of constructing your color concentrate works.  Starting with customer service and finishing with quality control our staff provides a flawless experience.

Customer Service

Whether you know exactly what you need or you are uncertain our experienced sales department and customer service team begins the process by listening.  Based on the information provided we will help you determine the best product to fit your specifications and get you started.  With extensive knowledge in the coloring of all thermoplastics, the Lanier sales team is confident that the best product will be selected to meet your requirements.


The Color Lab

A team of master technicians guide you through the coloring process.  Whether it be by answering your questions or using our state of the art equipment our color team is armed to meet the markets demands.  >From custom colors that require unique effects to more traditional requests the Lanier Color team is experienced in all facets of the color matching process.  Moreover, the diligent practices of the research and development team ensure that your product will follow technological advancements.



With Lanier’s expansive warehouse, all key raw materials are inventoried and easily accessible. Most orders, including custom ones, can be filled within a week. Our warehouse gives us the ability to house product allowing for more efficient and quicker supply than some of our competitors.  It is one of the many advantages that set us apart in the color industry.


Mix and Extrusion

During the mixing process, we produce superior blends for long-lasting results. Our operations team takes pride in achieving the finest dispersion, and maximum pigment and additive loading in all of our production runs.  For product completion Lanier Color utilizes the latest technology in twin screw extrusion.


Quality Control

Once your product is mixed and extruded the job is NOT complete. Our team of experts conducts quality control tests to guarantee lot to lot color control and pellet size consistency. Samples and originals are compared for quality assurance and your product tested for regulatory compliance. We do not rest until you are completely satisfied with the outcome and we will take all the necessary steps to achieve and maintain a long term relationship with you.

Lanier Color Company
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LCC Launches New Website.
In an effort to better serve our clients, we have completely revamped our website. This will ensure that our clients have a better understanding of our product line and the mission at Lanier Color.

LCC Builds New Facilities.
With a new 40,000 square foot state of the art facility, Lanier Color is in the position to handle an array of production and technical requests.